Microsoft ‘Touch First’ Office for Android tablets landing before Windows version?

Microsoft ‘Touch First’ Office for Android tablets landing before Windows version?Windows users are still waiting for the much-discussed “Touch First” version of Microsoft Office, and recently they had to sit on their hands and watch as the touch-friendly iPad version rolled out.

Now we’re told that Android tablets will get a touch-focused version of Microsoft Office before the Windows guys, too. Ouch.

That’s the story over on The Verge, which credits “Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans”.

The sources reckon Microsoft is looking for beta testers, and that notion is given credence by the existence of this ad from the Microsoft Office Pre-Release Programs Team.

“The Office team at Microsoft is looking for participants to join us in pre-release beta programs!” yells Microsoft. “Your feedback in these programs will be instrumental in building the best productivity software and services available.”

We’re told that Office for Android tablets will be similar to the iPad version, encompassing Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and while no specific timeframe is given, it’ll supposedly arrive before the “Touch First” Windows version, the latter currently slated for release in early 2015.

Inevitably an Office 365 subscription will be required. Pricing is currently set at £7.99 per month, or £79.99 for a full year.

"When it comes to Office 365, the vision if fairly straightforward," screamed Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella back in March this year.

"It is to make sure that the one billion Office users have access to the high fidelity Office experience on every device they love to use.”

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nickkelly  Jul. 6, 2014 at 00:04

This has taken so long that I think that most people have released they have no need for Office on their mobile devices, especially when you have to pay an ongoing subscription to use it.


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