Microsoft wants webOS devs

Microsoft wants webOS devsRegardless of whether you've ever actually used webOS or not, most people will agree that the demise of the HP-owned mobile platform is a bad thing in terms of reducing the spectrum of choice available to us when buying a new mobile device.

To Microsoft, however, webOS' loss is potentially its gain, and it's dangling a nice freebie-shaped carrot in front of all those newly unemployed webOS developers in the hope of getting them to jump to the good ship WinPho.

Windows Phone head honcho Brandon Watson has promised published webOS devs free hardware and training if they commit to Windows Phone – a sign of just how highly regarded webOS is (or was) as a developer platform.

“To Any Published WebOS Devs:” a tweet from Watson reads. “We'll give you what you need to be successful on Windows Phone, incl. free phones, dev tools and training etc.”

Not that there are thousands upon thousands of webOS devs out there – otherwise HP wouldn't have taken the decision to pull the plug. But still, it's awfully nice of Microsoft to offer them a seat on board the WP express. Hopefully they won't be looking for pastures new again this time next year...

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