Microsoft gives Windows Phone Mango handsets some video love

Microsoft gives Windows Phone Mango handsets some video loveMicrosoft continues its push to remind us that Windows Phone's future is about more than just Nokia, and has shown off a number of next-gen WinPho handsets in front of the camera.

The grand reveal happened at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference in Los Angeles, and gave airtime to devices from Fujitsu, ZTE, Acer and Samsung.

Probably the most interesting is that last-mentioned Samsung device, as from visual cues it's very much the Mango-fied Galaxy S II we've been hearing bandied about in the last couple of weeks.

As the video clip showed, corporate VP of something-or-other Steve Guggenheimer didn't say anything specific about the handsets themselves, so we can't comment about just how closely the Samsung phone will resemble its Android-wielding cousin, but it does show Samsung's ongoing commitment to successfully taking over the mobile Gala... oh, never mind.

The other WinPho faces that appeared in the demo were Acer's first phone on the platform, a pink waterproof Fujitsu handset, plus a ZTE device too. Again, no specs or details to report at this point.

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