Microsoft to Windows Phone users: please upgrade to Mango post haste

Microsoft to Windows Phone users: please upgrade to Mango post hasteIt’s easy to forget that not all smartphone users are obsessed with grabbing the latest version of their chosen OS as soon as it arrives. Heck, I’m still rocking Android 2.2 (Froyo). Ahem.

However, as Mobot's James "Jimmy" Martinez recently wrote, Mango will soon be a requirement for those Windows Phone rockers who wish to continue accessing the Marketplace.

Microsoft’s Mazhar Mohammed first issued the warning back in April via the Windows Phone Blog, and he reiterates said warning in a more recent post.

“We’re now doing the final work needed to turn on this new requirement, so I thought it would be a good time for another friendly reminder,” begins Mazhar. “The key takeaway is that if you like apps and games, you’ll soon need Windows Phone 7.5 installed to continue using Marketplace. Most of you already do.”

But why, Mazhar? Why can’t the minority who are still rocking Windows Phone NoDo, blissfully unaware of Tango's 500 improvements, continue to do so? According to Mazhar: “the new requirement is tied to a larger Marketplace improvement effort.” Ok then.

Windows Phone Mango will soon be succeeded Tango, which paves the way for low-end devices with 256MB of RAM, while Windows Phone 8 – or Apollo – will be the next major version. Some whispers suggest Mango/Tango peeps will be left behind when Apollo drops.

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