Microsoft's 7.9in Surface RT to come in at under £200?

Microsoft's 7.9in Surface RT to come in at under £200?Tablets come in all shapes and sizes, but aside from the iPad very few have sold in decent numbers, and the majority have come and gone largely unnoticed by the gadget-buying public.

Those that have succeeded, though, have generally had one thing in common – a low price. No surprise, then, to hear rumours that Microsoft is planning a similar pocket-friendly pricing strategy for its upcoming 7.9in Surface RT.

The first-generation Surface RT has struggled to make an impact since going on sale late last year, and one potential reason could be that Microsoft chose to go with a 10.6in display at a time when most lower end Android slabs were starting to find success by targeting the smaller 7in form factor.

That's set to change soon, however, with widespread reports claiming that a 7.9in Surface RT will soon be joining its full-sized brethren in the Surface lineup.

Our industry-watching Taiwanese friends at DigiTimes agree, repeating the popular theory that the more compact Surface RT variant will debut at the Microsoft Build conference next month.

In addition, though, it claims Microsoft plans to go super-aggressive on price, offering its baby tablet for around $249-$299 – that's £163-£196 in the Queen's coin.

As for the specification, we're only told the device will be manufactured by Pegatron, with an Nvidia Tegra processor inside and a Samsung-made display.

Microsoft reportedly does still plan to continue with the 10.6in Surface RT, but will likely only update it to a second generation in Q3 after clearing its inventory of the current model.

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JanSt / MOD  May. 17, 2013 at 11:44

Um... No.

barrybarryk  May. 17, 2013 at 12:41

$249-$299 isn't that unrealistic for a 7" ARM tablet, I mean a Nexus 7 can be grabbed for $200 and it's a Tegra 3 tablet

Under £200 is less likely for UK though. And if it's the new Tegra 4 then I really doubt the pricing.

The real question is will anyone care, Win RT is balls

Stelph  May. 17, 2013 at 13:16

As above, its all well and good bringing out a 7" RT tablet in the same price range as a lot of android tablets (and TBH the inclusion of an attachable keyboard, MS office and the form factor with a built in stand means hardware wise id rate it above the Nexus 7) it doesnt resolve the major glaring issue with RT that it just doesnt have the app or developer support that Android or iOS has.

Yes it will be good for some people, but the majority I think would still look elsewhere unless MS seriously undercuts the opposition (£100-£125)


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