Microsoft’s App Guy out to seduce Android developers

Microsoft’s App Guy out to seduce Android developersThe Windows Phone 7 Marketplace recently surpassed RIM’s equivalent, but it’s still a long way behind the Android Market and Apple’s App Store. Microsoft is hoping to redress the balance with a new conversion tool for Android developers.

App Guy, which is already available for iOS developers, will simplify the process of porting Android apps to Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft says: “There’s no magic wand that will do the work for you, but we have put together a great package to help you get started.” The package consists of an API mapping tool, and a 90+ page “Windows Phone 7 guide for Android Application Developers.”

Writing on The Windows Phone Developer Blog, Microsoft's JC Cimetiere says: “I think it is essential to be a “polyglot” developer. It’s true that jumping from one platform or language to another can break your habits, but change can be stimulating and will ultimately expand your opportunities.”

Windows Phone 7 still has a looong way to go. It recently reached a landmark 18,000 apps, while Android has almost 300,000. Apple remains in the lead (for now) with approximately 380,000.

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andrewcollins  Jun. 14, 2011 at 14:27

They could have at least create their own character and not use the same as this company does:


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