Microsoft's Ballmer: Windows Phone 7 phones are the best looking

Microsoft's Ballmer: Windows Phone 7 phones are the best looking

Windows Phone 7 may not have set the world alight in the few months since its launch, but Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer is quite happy with the OS' progress, and believe handsets running the platform are the best-looking phones on the market.

Speaking to USA Today, Ballmer was asked why Microsoft had pulled out of a potential acquisition of BlackBerry maker RIM, and revealed that a policy of developing its own product lines, rather than simply acquiring someone else's, had paid dividends for the company in the long term.

“When do acquisitions make sense? That's a complicated subject,” Ballmer mused. “There's a lot of competition, but we've got the best-looking phones on the market.

“We've got the greatest range of alternatives, the phones, the software, the craftsmanship. It is as good or better than anything out there.”

Microsoft was criticised last week by LG for its handling of the Windows Phone 7 launch, with claims that a restrictive spec requirement had stifled innovation from early handsets running the platform.

However, Ballmer pointed out that despite a fairly cautious launch strategy, a million and a half OS licences had already been sold to Windows Phone 7 hardware manufacturers. “We have a lot of work to do,” he conceded, “but we're in the game.”

Windows Phone 7 was launched in October, the product of a back-to-basics approach from Microsoft after the disaster that was Windows Mobile 6. The first major update to the new OS is expected next month.

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Kashim  Jan. 19, 2011 at 10:25

It must be so hard to talk up a platform that hasn't gained much ground on any side. But to be fair to them android was a slow started which didn't really take off until the Motorola droid in the US. And the HTC Desire in the UK.


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