Microsoft's Deals service supports iOS and Android, but not WP7

Microsoft's Deals service supports iOS and Android, but not WP7It's one of those no-brainers, or so you'd think: that when a mobile OS maker develops a new service, the first platform it will appear on is its own. Apple does it. Google does it. Microsoft... doesn't.

The Big M has just introduced a group buying scheme called Deals, and while it's present and correct on both iOS and Android, the one platform where it isn't set to appear on is – yes, you guessed it – Windows Phone 7.

Deals has been rolled into Microsoft's Bing search engine over in the US, and offers location-based deals in 140,000 centres across the country. It does at least work on Windows PCs, but given that by its very nature it's a service that lends itself to mobile use, the omission of WinPho 7 from the list of supported platforms is hard to justify.

And the public didn't take long to make their feelings known. “Seriously, do you guys keep up with your own company?” one comment below the official announcement read. “This should not have launched without Windows Phone 7 support. I'm very disappointed to see Microsoft promoting the iPhone – you can be assured that Apple will not be returning the favour.”

Microsoft responded that support for Windows Phone 7 will arrive later in the year, saying its hands were being tied by the mobile platform's current lack of support for HTML5.

“Thank you all for the feedback – as Windows Phone users we understand,” the Bing team's response read. “The functionality is based on HTML5 and will work with phones that support it, but today is being released for iOS and Android.”

The company added that Deals would potentially also be launched internationally in due course.

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JanSt / MOD  Mar. 7, 2011 at 16:44

well, hey:
When MS released Vista, they forgot software to sync phones with the new OS - specifically winmo devices. You know, the mobile OS made by MS... The rule that applied to MS desktop OS's applies to everything MS churn out: DO NOT BUY FOR THE FIRST TWELVE MONTHS! Sorry, nothing new to see here ;) :p


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