Microsoft's Lumia Superman set to be the 'Selfie' phone, or one of them anyway

Microsoft's Lumia Superman set to be the 'Selfie' phone, or one of them anywayThe mobile world has thrown plenty of gimmicks at us over the years, from Facebook phones and PlayStation phones to projector phones and transparent phones.

Most of them haven't done too well either, so we're not sure Microsoft should be encouraging anyone to describe the upcoming successor to the Nokia Lumia 720 – or the “Superman”, to use its codename – as the “Selfie phone”.

For starters, because the Sony Xperia C3 announced at the start of the month already grabbed the title for itself – and in truth probably wasn't the first.

No surprise when you consider the only qualification necessary to earn the title seems to be the presence of a 5MP front-facing camera. The Xperia C3 has one, and so – we're told – will the Lumia 720's successor.

So it's more a Selfie phone than the Selfie phone. Or maybe we should call it the Selfie Windows Phone, as it is the first of its kind on the Microsoft platform. Not much of a superpower for a device codenamed Superman, is it?

To confuse things further, it appears there will be two variants of the phone – one with a 4.7in display and one with a larger 5in screen.

The former will be the one with the 5MP selfie cam, which will be partnered with an 8MP snapper round the back. The larger 5in version will have a more conventional front camera, but will come with a higher-specced 13MP main camera.

That aside, the specs are expected to be firmly mid-range, and should include the likes of a 720p display resolution and a Snapdragon 400 processor. The recently detailed Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 should be on board out of the box.

It remains to be seen exactly which models and specs make it to which markets, though. The Superman has been referred to previously as heading specifically to US network Verizon, but that almost certainly won't be both variants.

An announcement is said to be coming towards the end of August, so hopefully things will be clearer by then.

The other question is of course whether it'll be released as a Nokia at all, or whether Microsoft will have finished airbrushing the Finnish brand out of the smartphone picture for good.

Via Nokia Power User

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