Mighty Adventure iOS review

Mighty Adventure iOS review

I’ve noted before that it’s worth sticking with a game, even when it doesn’t immediately click. Calculords is a fine example of something I found almost unfairly difficult at first, only to declare it “one of the most unique and oddly compelling strategy titles I’ve played in a long time”.

Sadly, the opposite phenomenon is also a possibility; something that initially seems pretty cool can quickly turn poop, and that’s exactly what happened with Pixel Trap’s Mighty Adventure.

What is Mighty Adventure? Well, it’s part platformer, part endless runner – but split into groups of levels across four worlds (desert, sea, jungle, ice).

The endless runner element is fairly minimal, in the sense that Mighty Adventure’s protagonists simply run from left to right automatically, leaving you to focus on the platforming, with the jumping and the special moves and whatnot.

Specifically, you have a team of three, er, “jumpers”, each with a unique ability in addition to plain old jumping. One can double jump, one can smash down vertically (handy for dealing with enemies), and the third can dash horizontally.

Mighty Adventure immediately wins bonus points for the Nintendo-esque brightness and suitably charming soundtrack, but a few dozen levels in, it all turns a little sour.

Mighty Adventure iOS review

See, Mighty Adventure is almost too fast-paced for the three-character mechanic to work. Switching on the fly is more difficult than it ought to be, and in harder sections, it becomes a case of learning the layout and replaying rather than reacting to things first time.

Furthermore, two of the jumpers feel very much like supporting characters, with double jump guy emphatically hogging the spotlight, intermittently relinquishing when there’s a token wall or floor to break through, or a gap to cross.

Other things irk about Mighty Adventure, too, like getting stuck in the scenery, or the frustratingly imprecise jumping-on-consecutive-enemies’-heads thing, where they don’t quite match up.

The real killer, for me, came with the last level in Fluffy Jungle. It’s insanely long (that’s what she said), and there aren’t any checkpoints. You’re allowed to screw up a handful of times, but I swear there are sections where it’s nigh on impossible not to lose health.

All that might’ve been forgivable to an extent, but there’s a section where you’re falling down blind, with some handy spikes waiting below to ruin your fun. Again, I might’ve been ok with the trial-and-error thing, but some utterly horrendous slowdown was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

To make matters worse, I installed an update and lost my progress. It appears to have sorted itself out this morning, but what the hell, man?

All in all, Mighty Adventure shows promise (it’s Pixel Trap’s first game, I believe), but there’s just too much annoying stuff going on to offer it the unconditional praise it seems to be receiving elsewhere. I wonder how those guys fared on level 30…


  • Looks great
  • Four worlds, 40 levels
  • The music


  • Switching characters on the fly: not easy
  • Double jump guy hogs the spotlight
  • No checkpoints (seriously?!)

Summary: On the surface, Mighty Adventure shows much promise, but stick with it till the end of Fluffy Jungle and I guarantee: you’ll soon change your tune.

Developer: Pixel Trap

Price: £1.99 @ App Store

Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPad and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Mighty Adventure iOS review

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