MiniGame Paradise Android review

MiniGame Paradise Android reviewIt seems odd to me that no one in the smartphone world has quite nailed a collection of minigames on a par with – or at least somewhere close to – the excellent WarioWare on the Nintendo DS. Ok, technically we're dealing with microgames in WarioWare, but you know what I mean.

With that in mind, did MiniGame Paradise (available for both iOS and Android) provide an enjoyable I-can’t-believe-how-good-this-is slap in the face, or – alternatively – drown in a stormy sea of expectation?

The first thing you’ll notice about MiniGame Paradise is that it’s sickeningly cute; all bright colours and rainbows and love hearts and adorable little creatures.

Indeed, there’s some sort of virtual pet element, where you can dress up unlocked characters and decorate your house. Uhm…

As for the game side of MiniGame Paradise, it is – as the name not so subtly suggests – a collection of – you guessed it – minigames. But is it truly a paradise, or more of a minigame hell?

Well, somewhere in between, actually.

MiniGame Paradise is free to download intially, but features ads, and just four of the 11 minigames are unlocked at the start.

The minigames themselves are all much of a muchness. Essentially you tap the screen to change direction or jump or drill through the floor or whatever. In fact, the mechanics are so simple that you can play MiniGame Paradise one-handed, if you so desire.

Within each MiniGame Paradise minigame, you can collect stars, and it’s these stars that are used to unlock the remaining seven games.

MiniGame Paradise Android review

The downside is that it takes freakin’ ages to save up stars (roughly one hour for each game, I reckon). Of course, Com2uS is quite happy for you to get your wallet out and speed things along.

In particular, you’re looking at 63p for 1,000 stars, which equates to two minigames. So that’s roughly £2.50 to unlock all minigames from the get-go.

To be fair, Smack a Whack deserves a special mention. It’s a side-scrolling slasher of sorts, with three different weapons, a leveling system, and an array of interesting bosses with unique attack patterns.

Spatter Scatter possibly sounds like something Treab might be found googling in the wee hours, but it’s actually a semi-decent vertical-scrolling shooter.

However, even MiniGame Paradise’s best offerings threaten to become a tad tedious after a few plays, which only adds to the tedium of saving up stars.

And that’s MiniGame Paradise. Not fantastic, not terrible.


  • Nice and bright
  • Smack a Whack is brilliant
  • It’s kinda free…


  • …but not really
  • Saving up stars takes forever
  • Too cutesy for some

Summary: MiniGame Paradise is a, uhm, good collection of minigames.

Developer: Com2uS

Requires: Android 2.1 (Eclair) or above

Price: “free” @ Google Play

MiniGame Paradise Android review

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