Get a MIPOW PlayBulb LED Flameless Candle for just £4.97

Get a MIPOW PlayBulb LED Flameless Candle for just £4.97

MIPOW PlayBulb LED Flameless Candle is currently £4.97 from Currys

You might be thinking "what the hell are Mobot doing featuring candles on their site?" Well, these particular candles are actually multi-coloured LED lights that can be controlled via an app on iOS and Android, allowing you to change their colour, brightness and effects. A set of AA batteries will reportedly give you two months worth of power, and you can hook five of them up to the app. Also, to add to the experience, you turn them off by blowing them out. With the next best offers being double the asking price here, this is by far the cheapest deal around if you're looking to create some appropriate mood lighting. Thanks to BuzzDuraband @ HUKD!

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