Mixed results for Samsung Electronics, phone stuff is good

Mixed results for Samsung Electronics, phone stuff is goodSamsung Electronics Co has revealed that its Q2 profit fell 18% as a result of reduced demand and lower prices for consumer electronics.

However, over in phone land, things are pretty peachy. Thanks largely to rising sales in smartphones (particularly the high-specced Galaxy S II), Samsung’s mobile arm more than doubled in profitability.

Its biggest cash cow remains chip manufacturing, while its flat panel goodies lost money for the second consecutive quarter.

Somewhat annoyingly, and for the first time in a decade, Sammie refused to say how many handsets it shipped. As such, it’s not clear if Samsung outsold (or outshipped) Apple, which reports 20.3 million units thrown onto boats.

Strategy Analytics estimates 74 million units for Samsung, with 18-21 million of those being smartphones.

In any case, Samsung looks poised to take pole position in Q3. Apple expects demand for the iPhone 4 to dip, as consumers begin to salivate uncontrollably at the prospect of the iPhone 5.

via: The Wall Street Journal

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