Mobiado shows off transparent Aston Martin phone

Mobiado shows off transparent Aston Martin phoneSometimes product placement in movies works, and sometimes it doesn't. Take mobile phones, for example. In your average movie, having Main Character A yakking away on some obviously identifiable phone or other is no problem.

But if you're talking about someone like 007, it just looks a bit stupid when you see him fumbling with some everyday handset. You'd expect him to have something a little more... fancy... in his pocket. Something like this Aston Martin concept phone.

Sadly this AM-branded blower from Mobiado is just a concept, but we can't help getting a bit excited about it all the same. It's completely transparent for starters, and is designed as a pocketable companion to your Aston Martin sports car – a concept we're happy to get on board with.

Its very existence in your pocket operates AM's keyless entry system, and you can use it to upload photos taken from on-board cameras inside the car to your favourite social network, so your friends can absolutely hate you just that little bit quicker.

Impressively, it even comes with some seriously useful smarts to help protect you in case of an accident: the on-board accelerometer will measure your movement inside the car and adjust the airbag deployment speed and seat belt tensioner to suit.

As we said, sadly the Mobiado CPT002 is just a concept for now, but Aston Martin says it's working to change that fact and hopefully offer something similar to its customers in the future.

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JanSt / MOD  Mar. 26, 2011 at 10:35

I'm sure we'll see something like this very soon.
Remember the LG Clear - that transparent keypad worked fairly well, even though the rest of the phone screamed, 'flop'!


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