Mobile by Sainsbury's: PAYG deals double your Nectar points

Mobile by Sainsbury's: PAYG deals double your Nectar pointsUK supermarket chain Sainsbury's has opened the tills on its very own mobile network, predictably officially titled Mobile by Sainsbury's.

Announced for the first time three weeks ago, the network will run on Vodafone's infrastructure and is launching with a trio of PAYG plans offering customers double Nectar points on all their shopping and fuel if they sign up.

The entry-level package costs £10 and comes with 200 inclusive minutes and 250MB of data, while for £15 you get 300 minutes and 500MB of data and £20 buys 800 minutes and 1GB of data.

Not the most data-friendly of offerings, then, but then PAYG users tend to have less data-hungry phones – the handsets on offer range from the £12 Nokia 100 to the £112 Samsung Galaxy Fame.

That said, there is a Mobile by Sainsbury's price plan that sees calls charged at 8p per minute, texts at 4p each and data at 50p/day (up to 25MB).

All four options can be linked to a Nectar card, after which each purchase in store or at Sainsbury's petrol stations will see points doubled up.

Sainsbury's reckons a family of four could earn up to £180 worth of Nectar points extra if they each go for the £10 bundle once a month.

For Sainsbury's, of course, the win is obvious: subscribers aren't just giving their mobile pound to Sainsbury's – they're also implying they're willing to do their monthly grocery shopping there too in order to get those Nectar savings.

It's just another way for the supermarkets to attract new custom – and in this case, fair's fair since the average punter these days would otherwise be spending their cash in Asda or Tesco in any case, right?

The minimum top-up is £5, and Mobile by Sainsbury's SIM cards can be purchased from all Sainsbury's stores across the UK, though actual handsets will only be carried by 250 stores in total so you're best checking first before taking anything for granted in terms of your local branch.

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