T Mobile signal shenanigans

Signal for my Mobile (Nexus 4) and 2 others (Sgs3 & iphone4s) on T Mobile has been awful lately. Dropped calls poor audio on calls or simply no signal at all. So I got tweeting to @TmobileUK eventually to be told a mast is down in my area. After a few tos and fros (do a manual search and soft boot) no improvement. Then I get a message telling me yes it's just down to the failed mast but there's no ETA to fix, sorry, and that's it.
So basically I'm paying for a service - well 3 services for 3 phones - and not getting what I'm paying for.
Signal was good previously, we all moved from o2 because that was bad and now T Mobile is worse predictor still says v good for my area, except it's not.
Have I got any comeback on Tmob/EE? Can I cancel my contracts if the signal has dropped and no word on any resolution?

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