One in five mobile users have dropped their phones in the loo

One in five mobile users have dropped their phones in the looLook at the two people on your left, and the two people on the right. Between the five of you, one has experienced the major fail of dropping your phone in the loo.

A study by online address book site Plaxo reveals that a third of all mobile users have lost or damaged their phones, with an unexpected visit to the oval office the number one culprit.

The study was presumably to show the merits of backing up your data through - and we're guessing here - an online address book site like Plaxo, but either way it's a pretty sad state of affairs.

Especially when you consider that only 39% of all mobile phone users actually use their phones in the bathroom in the first place. So if you're in this group be warned: half of you will see your smartphone taking an unexpected plunge sooner or later.


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richardeames  Jul. 23, 2011 at 13:36

I dropped my old Nokia 3330 down the loo. Scooped it out, took it apart and next day it was working again. I bet newer phones won't work like that.


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