Former MobileMe users get extended iCloud storage for another year

Former MobileMe users get extended iCloud storage for another yearApple is being uncharacteristically nice these days. A few weeks ago we had an open letter from Tim Cook conceding that Apple Maps isn’t quite up to scratch. Heck, they even provided instructions for popping a Google Maps shortcut on your iDevice’s home screen. What the...?

In a further display of niceness, former MobileMe users will keep their extended complimentary storage for a bonus year.

The extended complimentary storage – beyond iCloud’s default 5GB – was set to expire on September 30, but somewhat confusingly leapt to the same date in 2050AD. A 38-year extension then? Not quite.

Apple has clarified the situation with an email to customers, reading: “When you moved your MobileMe account to iCloud, we provided you with a complimentary storage upgrade beyond the standard 5GB that comes with an iCloud account to help you with the transition. Originally, this storage upgrade was set to expire on September 30, 2012.

“As a thank you to our former MobileMe members, we will continue to provide you with this complimentary storage upgrade at no charge, for an additional year, until September 30, 2013. No action is required on your part.”

The complimentary storage is based on the volume paid for prior to the move to iCloud (10, 20 or 50GB), and applies to customers who made the leap between October 12, 2011 and August 1, 2012.

Boy, those Apple guys are really lovely, huh?

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