Both models of the Apple iPhone 6 going into production next month? September release for both?

Both models of the Apple iPhone 6 going into production next month? September release for both?It’s been a whole, what, 20 hours since I scribbled about the imminent production of the still-unofficial but yeah-definitely-happening Apple iPhone 6, so I’m sure you’re all ravenous for more.

The story so far: two sizes of the iPhone 6, but the bigger one might arrive later – if at all. The story here: they might arrive at the same time after all. Good.

That’s the word over on Bloomberg, which credits anonymous “people familiar with the plans… who asked not to be identified because the plans are private.” You naughty boys.

The thrust of the story is that the Apple iPhone 6 will go into mass production next month, which gels with what I was saying yesterday, and both the 4.7in model and 5.5in model could be available to ship to retailers in - or "around" - September.

However, it’s noted again that “Production of the 5.5-inch model is more complicated than the smaller version”, and while no reason is given here, it’s largely accepted that the sapphire crystal display is to blame.

It’s thought that consumer appetite for a larger iPhone might be rather high. The iPhone has only ever been available in two sizes, initially 3.5in, and more recently 4in, while Android flagships have steadily grown to burst through the 5in barrier.

iPhone shipments have increased year on year, but they're not growing as fast as the overall smartphone market. Worth pointing out that a lot of smartphones sold are cheap rubbish, but hey, who needs context when you've got pie charts?

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 24, 2014 at 14:44

hahaha :p


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