Six month contracts for T-Mobile's business customers

Six month contracts for T-Mobile's business customersT-Mobile has become the first UK network to offer the option of six-month mobile contracts – though only to its business customers.

We're still waiting for the arrival of those shorter 12-month contracts our friends at the EU have said the UK networks must start offering, but T-Mobile has taken things into its own hands without any legal finger-waving required at all.

A new splash on T-Mobile's Business home page is titled “You wanted a shorter phone plan”, and goes on to detail the £25-a-month half-year tariff. That's a not-unreasonable £150 over the length of the plan, so as you can imagine the choice of free phones isn't the longest.

In fact, it's as long as it takes to say Nokia C3 Touch & Type”, as that's the only gratis phone available on the deal. Put in £33.33 (ex VAT), however, and your choice includes Nokia's C5 and C5-03, the Samsung Monte and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8.

The cheapest BlackBerry is the Curve 8520 at £87.50, while the BlackBerry Torch is the priciest phone of all, requiring a substantial £250 (ex VAT) chunk of change before you can sign up.

Still, the benefits of such a short contract length will certainly appeal to many small businesses, even if it does mean paying more up front.

“Our customers told us it didn’t make sense for their business to be locked into long term contracts when times are changing,” T-Mobile's Martin Lyne said in a statement.

“Having the flexibility to adapt things quickly if needed is key to a small business’ ability to survive and thrive, so we believe these shorter term plans, will be a great fit for small businesses.”

So there you go. Now if we could just have those 12-month consumer contracts, please.

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