Morgan Stanley: HTC’s 2014 will be awful

Morgan Stanley: HTC’s 2014 will be awfulIn the world of smartphones, it must be massively depressing being anyone but Samsung or Apple at the moment. Look at HTC; even producing 2013’s most critically acclaimed handset couldn’t stop the Taiwanese posting their first-ever quarterly loss.

And if Morgan Stanley is to be believed, things are about to go from poop to even smellier poop.

At the tail end of an article about HTC using non-Qualcomm processors (only one of the four new Desires uses a Qualcomm CPU), Focus Taiwan scribbles a bunch of stuff about HTC’s next year-and-a-bit, as predicted by crystal ball-caressing Morgan Stanley.

For starters, we’re told to expect HTC’s 4Q13 smartphone shipments to weigh in at just 3.5 million units, a 34% drop from 3Q13 – despite the fact that we’re heading into the traditionally lucrative “holiday quarter”. Generally you’d expect to sell more shi* over Christmas.

Worse still, HTC’s 2014 smartphone shipments will fall by one whole third to 14.5 million units.

I’m not saying Morgan Stanley is way off or anything, but who’s to say HTC won’t come out with some unbelievably groundbreaking smartphone in 1Q14 that punches Samsung right in the stinking gob? Unlikely, granted, but let’s just wait and see what happens, eh?

And heck, the newish Robert Downey Jr.-fronted marketing campaign is sure to bring in loads of sales, right? Er, right?

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