Moto Defy: Dual Booting

Moto Defy: Dual Booting

Today's tutorial is going to be easier than most. It could be because it's on the Moto Defy, it could be because I said so. In any case, today we're going make your Moto Defy dual boot.

Dual booting can be a lot of fun and has a lot of great uses. You can use it to test ROMs you wouldn't normally install. You can use it to impress your friends. You can definitely use it to keep a separate set of contacts, apps and emails so you can continue living that double life. 007 style. The process is much more simple than most and really only requires a keen ability to read and follow directions.

Let's get started. To begin, make sure that your Motorola Defy is rooted and that you have ClockworkMod Recovery installed. Also, you're going to need our old friend, the archive program. I prefer 7zip, because it is free. If you have not rooted your phone, then you can find a good rooting tutorial by clicking the link. Additionally, make sure you have updated to the most recent ClockworkMod Recovery. If you haven't, then you won't have the recovery features needed. You can find the latest ClockworkMod Recovery and installation instructions at the CyanogenMod Wiki. We recommend the boot menu update, since that includes the latest boot menu options and ClockworkMod version.

Okay, now we're rooted and it's time begin. First you're going to need to download the application that will give you the capability to dual boot. It is called and you can either grab it from the source link, or here is a direct download link. Remember, since Megaupload is down, you might have to try a few links down before you find one that works. Once that is done, you're going to grab the second set of files from this link. Again, MegaUpload's untimely demise means you'll likely have to go three to four links down before you'll find one that works.

Next, you're going to plug your Moto Defy into your computer and mount as a disk drive. Then, open up the SD Card and create a folder in its root directory called:


Unzip the file, open the fsimages folder and move those three image files into the fsimages folder on your SD card. Then move the dual boot application you downloaded first on there where you'll remember it, but preferably not in the same folder as the three images.

Next is the easy part. You're going to boot into ClockworkMod Recovery and install the dual boot application by flashing the zip. That's it!

Now, a few things. Some menus and some options have now changed and you should take a note of them. If you want to flash anything on your main system, you'll be using the Stable Recovery option in the Boot Menu. If it's that dual boot you're looking for, you'll be flashing it in the Latest Recovery option. Once you get a second ROM installed on the Latest Recovery, you'll use the:


Option in order to boot it up.

At this point you can pick out your next favorite ROM, whatever it may be and start flashing away. Some people go the CyanogenMod and MIUI route and some go for an AOSP ROM, such as CyanogenMod, and a stock ROM. In any case, you've turned the Susan Boyle of smart phones into a born again star. The only downside is you didn't make Simon Cowell cry. That would have been worth seeing.

Source link: XDA Developers

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