Moto X is always listening; backplate to come in wood, plastic and ‘other materials’

Moto X is always listening; backplate to come in wood, plastic and ‘other materials’One of the many controversies surrounding the Xbox One was the revelation that it’ll always be listening – in anticipation of the user saying: “Xbox on”. It’s 2013, but it feels very much like 1984.

Similarly bringing us one step closer to a seemingly inevitable dystopian future, the Moto X will also spy on your voice. But hey, at least it comes with an optional array of funky backplates including… wood?

The Moto X’s existence has been confirmed by Motorola, but while the US manufacturer has kept quiet about specifics pending the full launch, the interwebs be awash with Moto X leakage.

How about this Rogers Wireless Moto X tech demo, for starters?

The video originally appeared on some Russian guy’s Google+ page, and while it’s been removed elsewhere, it still appears on the aforementioned.

One of the big Moto X features is apparently the ability to interact with the phone without touching it. In the video, a nice Canadian lady purrs: “Ok Google Now, what’s the forecast for today?”

There are a couple of neat Moto X camera features mentioned too, including the ability to launch the camera by twisting your wrist a couple of times, and the omission of a specific on-screen button to take pictures; just tap anywhere, or hold your finger down for a burst mode.

Sticking with Google+, we’re heading over to Taylor Wimberly, who’s going a bit Moto X mad by the looks of things.

We’ve been hearing lots about the Moto X’s customisable colours and changeable backplates and that. Wimberly adds: “Users will be able to pick the material for the backplate. Plastic is the default material, but wood is also an option that should be available at launch.Other materials like metals, ceramics, and fabrics should become available after the August 23rd launch”

August 23, you say? Ah well, only another month-and-a-bit of Moto X rumours to go before it all becomes a super-sexy reality.

In the meantime, what do you make of the 'always listening' feature? Shocked? Terrified? Excited? Completely unmoved? Let us know below.

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