Moto Maker UK now live, get building your second-gen Moto X!

Moto Maker UK now live, get building your second-gen Moto X!It was promised back at Mobile World Congress in February and reiterated earlier this month at Berlin’s IFA: Moto Maker for consumers the UK.

The service is now live o’er here, with Moto Maker inviting you to fully customise your second-gen Moto X. It’s looking prettaaaay good.

Options include your Moto X Trim or “Accent colour”, with 10 colours to choose from, that’s alongside the choice of black or white on the front.

You can also leap from 16GB internal storage to 32GB for £40 (the lack of microSD being one of the glaring downsides in an otherwise hugely appealing phone), while “More Options” include setting up a greeting on your startup screen, and choosing the out-of-the-box wallpaper.

Of course, undoubtedly the most exciting element of Moto Maker is choosing the back for your second-gen Moto X, be it Cool (blue/green hues), Leather, Wood, Warm (autumnal) or Neutral (black/white/grey).

Leather and Wood are the real standout choices here, and though both options carry a £20 surcharge, if you’re going to do this thing, you might as well do it right!

Wood options in particular include Ebony (yum), Bamboo, Walnut and Teak, and in each case we’re promised “a unique grain and stunning finish.”

Interesting stuff. I’ve certainly had tons of fun playing with Moto Maker this morning (loving the white front/ebony rear/metallic orange trim combination), and it’s sure to tempt some who might've otherwise sidestepped the Moto X.

Anyone here diving in? Let us know what you’re putting together!

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