Moto X specs confirmed in pics

Moto X specs confirmed in picsI think we’re a tad beyond referring to these stories as simply Moto X leaks; it’s more like a bona fide tidal wave of information. We’ve had press renders, official carrier videos, rumours of a $500 million marketing budget, Eric Schmidt modelling the phone, confirmation of the launch date, tales of wooden backplates

Today we have what appears to be the most complete list of Moto X specs to date, kindly confirmed by the phone itself.

As we’ve learned over the past few months, Motorola has forsaken the notion of releasing another high-end phone with same-old specs. We have to admit, the thought of another 5in 1080p, quad-core, 13MP handset doesn’t exactly set our pulses racing.

Motorola will instead focus on durability, battery life, and the ability to thoroughly customise the rear of the phone. But that’s not to say Moto X specs are entirely terrible. In fact, it’s shaping up to be a potentially tremendous mid-range effort.

Courtesy of Android Police, we have apparent confirmation of an array of Moto X specs, including a dual-core Qualcomm S4 Pro processor, Adreno 320 GPU, 2GB of RAM, a 4.5in 720p display, 2.1MP front camera, 10.5MP rear shooter, NFC compatibility, Jelly Bean Android 4.2.2, and 16GB internal storage (of which 12GB is user accessible).

With rumours of a SIM free price point as low as $200 in the US, we’re looking forward to hearing more at the official Moto X launch on August 1.

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