Hello Moto tablets! Three models in testing, ETA: summer 2015

Hello Moto tablets! Three models in testing, ETA: summer 2015Motorola is rumoured to have as many as eight new smartphones in the pipeline for launch before Christmas, though there’s a complex web of reverse interdependence; if one phone does well, another might be scrapped. For more on that, hit up TKTechNews.

Here we’re looking at a trio of rumoured Motorola tablets, tipped to touch down in summer 2015 – or thereabouts.

That’s the story over on PhoneArena, which credits an anonymous “source close to the situation”.

The shadowy figure says Motorola is testing three tablets, with display sizes measuring 7in, 11in and 12.5in diagonally.

Interestingly, the 7in tablet is supposedly the furthest along the developmental path, while it’s “unclear if the 11 or 12.5-inch tablets will ever make it to market”.

That logic flies in the face of, er, current logic. See, smaller tablets are taking a pounding from big smartphones. Why would someone with a 5.7in smartphone need a marginally bigger 7in tablet, for example?

Meanwhile, Samsung has introduced two 12.2in tablets this year (Galaxy Tab Pro, Galaxy Note Pro), and Apple is tipped to launch a big old iPad Pro. The 9.7in iPad is expected to claw back share from the 7.9in model, too.

Anyway! Yes, potentially as many as three Motorola tablets next summer, and eight new smartphones by Christmas. Mental.

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