The Moto X's colour customisation thing? HTC nearly got there first

The Moto X's colour customisation thing? HTC nearly got there first Motorola has attracted plenty of attention for the huge array of colour combos users can choose from when buying its new Moto X – and for a change most of the attention has been positive, too.

But it seems HTC was planning to offer something similar for its newly announced 8XT Windows Phone over in the US, only to scrap the idea at the last minute due to cost and complexity concerns.

According to The Verge, HTC was working with US carrier Sprint on a prototype colour customisation project for the network-exclusive 8XT, which launched last month.

An HTC Design Studio web app would have given customers a range of customisation options for their phone, including being able to tweak the handset's speaker, accents, the two-tone highlights, and personal engraving.

In the end, though, HTC decided to rather go with a two-tone fixed colour combo as per the HTC 8S for the dedicated Sprint handset.

You wonder if the move would have attracted anything like the same level of publicity had it been HTC who got there first, and not Motorola.

After all, a carrier-exclusive take on an existing phone running a not particularly popular OS is a far cry from a major phone maker's comeback device (with a mega marketing budget to match).

It wouldn't half have stolen Motorola's thunder, though – and probably wouldn't have impressed Google too much either. Which would be one thing HTC doesn't need right now...

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JanSt / MOD  Aug. 15, 2013 at 20:35

Well... HTC introduced it yonks ago with the Tattoo...

So, scr*w you, Motorola and Nokia :p


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