Motorola Atrix launching today on Orange

Motorola Atrix launching today on OrangeHoly. Mother. Of. Fudge. The Motorola Atrix, first revealed at the CES in Vegas almost four fudging months ago, will finally see its UK release today, courtesy of Orange.

At the time of writing, it still says “coming soon” on Orange’s website, but their official press release, issued yesterday, says “tomorrow”, which is now today. Make sense?

The Motorola Atrix will be free to Orange customers on a £35PM contract over 24 months. That gets you 600 minutes, 750MB of data, unlimited texts and 50 MMS messages per month.

The network is keenly promoting the biometric security feature. Ready for some embarrassing marketing talk? I know I am.

Orange’s Head of Device Portfolio, Nicola Shenton, says: "This really is the ultimate smart phone for gadget fans packed full of tech wizardry and features that any aspiring spy would be proud of. With its multimedia accessories and groundbreaking fingerprint swipe access, this is an innovative handset that Orange is proud to be bringing to the UK first."

Aspiring spies. That is just… *sigh*

The Motorola Atrix will be an Orange exclusive at first, but their Everything Everywhere partner, T-Mobile, gets in on the action next month. It has a 4in display, 5MP camera and dual-core 1GHz processor.

I want one.

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JanSt / MOD  May. 4, 2011 at 12:23

Lets get ready for the 'how can I unlock my Atrix' questions, shall we ;)
To me it seems Motorola realised (correctly) that pretty much all high end Androids are the same. And with Launcher Pro and SPB Shell 3D etc, slapping a distinct UI on Androids boring OS is no longer enough. So, Moto brainstorms, and the whacky stuff won, cause good old commen sense was on a pee break.
Cool accessories? Yeah, that Touchstone really sold the Pre, eh ;)
Biometric security - to the younguns: winmo phones had that pre-iPhone...yonks ago. Sold like...well, they didn't.
Desperate flim-flammery. Android will plateau without somebody doing something innovative AND useful to it. All I see is polish and more polish and more polish.
The number ONE reason for folks leaving Android is battery performance, yet 3D and this nonsense are just adding further strain, without adding real functionality in terms of communication and usability. I thought that was what mobiles are about?!


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