Motorola CEO: smartphones far more important than tablets

Motorola CEO: smartphones far more important than tabletsIn an interview with Fortune, Motorola Mobility’s CEO, Sanjay Jha, has been bigging up smartphones, describing them as “much, much more important” than tablets.

But that’s not to say Motorola doesn’t care about slates. Moto will continue to pump out tablets post-Xoom, with a focus on consumer and enterprise elements.

Jha explains: “About 65% of the devices -- tablets and smartphones -- that show up on an enterprise network are actually purchased by consumers, because CIOs' budgets have been cut. These devices must be attractive for consumers and must also have the security to meet the CIOs' standards.”

However, smartphones are really where it’s at, according to Jha. He says: “I believe the device you carry with you at all times is much, much more important than a tablet, which most of us will carry about 30% of the time.

“And I absolutely believe that the phone is going to be the best computer, because it's with you at all times. It's going to be the best camera, because it's there when you need it. It will be the best music player because it's with you at all times.

“We do surveys and sometimes take phones away from people, and they start crying. They have that amount of personal investment in the relationship. It becomes the digital hub of your life.”

Would you cry without your phone? Tell us about it below. We won't laugh at you. Promise.

via: Fortune

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blizzard7  Jun. 23, 2011 at 18:25

If I didn't have a phone I'd be a lot more productive that's for sure. What I'm waiting for is a phone where all you have to do its pour a bit of water on it and then it expands to the size of a tablet.That's possible right?

On a more serious note I agree that tablets can't take centre stage for now.


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