Motorola Corvair pops up, says hi

Motorola Corvair pops up, says hiI reckon this bad boy is up there with the Asus PadFone when it comes to weird devices we’ve seen this year. Actually, is it all that weird? Maybe not. It’s half Android tablet, half TV remote.

And the name of said hybrid? Why it’s the Motorola Corvair. Incidentally, the Chevrolet Corvair was among Time’s 50 Worst Cars of All Time (thanks, Google).

The Verge has gotten its hands on a few pictures of the box (and one of the beast itself), which probably doesn’t sound too exciting, but there’s actually a decent handful of specs to go on.

The Motorola Corvair, hopefully not destined to star in Time’s 50 Worst TV Remotes of All Time, has a 6in display, Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) on OS duty, Wi-Fi and IR connectivity, and a 4,000mAh battery.

The box reckons the Motorola Corvair is a “Dedicated Controller for the Connected”. Oh, and one side of the box shows the Motorola Corvair’s display shared on the TV.

The Verge is told that the Motorola Corvair is in testing with cable companies in the US. Chances of seeing it over here in some capacity? We reckon 0% is a good guess.

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