Motorola to cut global workforce by 800

Motorola to cut global workforce by 800One of the biggest themes that have marked the mobile arena in 2011 has been the contrast between those doing well for themselves, such as Apple, Samsung and HTC, and those struggling – RIM, HP and Nokia the chief culprits.

Until recently you'd have grouped the likes of Motorola somewhere in the middle. But with today's news that Motorola Mobility is going to shed 800 staff from its global workforce, that's looking to be an increasingly inaccurate assessment.

That's not to suggest Moto's future is in jeopardy. Google took care of that by paying $12bn-odd a couple of months ago to buy out the US phone maker. And according to Bloomberg, the staff cuts are aimed at cutting costs ahead of the company's move under the Google umbrella.

In total, the cut will actually cost Moto an estimated $31m – $27m in severance pay and $4m in closing locations. But the long-term savings will stand Motorola in good stead going forward, especially after its latest quarterly earnings figures last week saw Moto clocking in net losses of $32m.

Still, that fact that Motorola is still around at all is impressive given how bleak things were looking just a few short years ago. The release of the Android-powered Droid (the Milestone here in the UK) came practically out of nowhere to turn the company's fortunes around after a long slide from its heyday back in the 90s.

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