Motorola Droid4 RAZR leaked

Motorola Droid4 RAZR leakedMotorola appears to be on fire right now. Having just announced the RAZR is coming back, now the keyboard-tastic Droid4 appears to have been leaked.

Given the Droid name, this is obviously a US device as that name has never appeared on a Moto phone on these shores, but still, we just hope it deigns to ship it in our direction all the same - whatever it decides to call it.

The keyboard appears to be a slide-out jobby and the photos actually put us in mind of an old Sincleair ZX keyboard from back in the 80's. Luckily, the internal specs seem to be a little more advanced than that.

The pics were leaked, appropriately enough, to Droid-Life and show some pretty saliva-inducing specs. Among them, a 4in sceen (likely to be Super AMOLED), the ultra-thin RAZR style, 4G LTE support (not that we can get too excited about that here in the UK), an 8MP camera (hopefully) with 1080 HD recording and HDMI out. Processor-wise, it'll probably be a 1.2GHz job but we can't be sure just yet.

Gingerbread 2.3.5 is on the list too but we assume that'll be upped to Ice Cream Sandwich before too long.

Sadly, Moto has apparently crippled the phone with a non-removable battery but we're sure there is some rhyme or reason behind this.

So now we have photos, it appears fairly certain that this is an official device, even though there isn't a date yet for release and we can't be 100% certain on the specs.

It appears to be similar to a device that was spotted a few weeks ago codenamed 'Maserati'. Either way, we just hope and pray that Moto doesn't keep this racy little number all to itself for too much longer.

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StevePritchard  Nov. 2, 2011 at 16:37

Obviously, we wouldn't expect a "Droid" device in the UK, but a Milestone 4 version would certainly be a decent prospect. Let's hope the no-show of the Milestone 3 was because Moto knew this was around the corner.


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