Motorola to extend Webtop across all its high-end smartphones

Motorola to extend Webtop across all its high-end smartphonesWhen the Motorola Atrix was announced back in early January one of the features that excited us the most was its ability to hook up to a number of docking station options and effectively evolve instantly into a full-blown computer.

So we're plenty pleased to hear that Moto boss Sanjay Jha has announced the Webtop software that makes it all work will be extended across the company's high-end smartphones in the second half of the year.

Jha was speaking to investors at a Morgan Stanley shindig, and said Webtop would be making its way onto all of the company's “high performance” phones, which we assume to mean handsets set to launch down the line rather than existing models. The one exception appears to be the pending Droid Bionic – a handset not coming to the UK at all – which won't have Webtop on board initially due to time constraints.

Webtop is a Linux-based OS that sits alongside Android and fires into action when the Atrix is attached to its docking station, reworking the interface to suit the different screen size.

It's not clear at this stage whether each of the Webtop-compatible devices will have their own bespoke docking stations, or whether Motorola will settle on a few basic form factors across the range.

At this point, we'd simply be happy to see the Atrix itself in the UK at some point. The high-powered handset launched on February 22 in the States, but there doesn't seem any sign of its arrival on UK shores anytime soon, with retailer Expansys having briefly displayed – and then removed – a July on-sale date on its Atrix pre-order page.

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