Motorola eyes BlackBerry defectors with Pax

Motorola eyes BlackBerry defectors with PaxIn terms of hardware, Android doesn't offer much to potential BlackBerry defectors. Those contemplating jumping the good ship RIM have very little choice in the way of portrait QWERTY Android devices.

One of the sexiest – and indeed only – options is the Motorola Pro, and it seems that Moto is in fact working on an even sexier version, called the Motorola Pax.

The Motorola Pax is said to have a 3.5in display (a tad bigger than the Pro’s 3.1in), with a dual-core processor, and probably a pretty chunky battery (a recent Stateside Pro variant boasted 1820mAh).

Of course, it’s anyone’s guess if we’ll see the Motorola Pax over here. Clove recently announced that we won’t get the Motorola Milestone (Droid) 3, but might get the Motorola Pro instead. The latter has been out in the States since last November.

As it currently stands, Clove reckons the Motorola Pro will arrive at the end of August, but notes: “Official Price and Availability To Be Confirmed”.

So RIM might not have too much to worry about after all. Well, in the UK at least. I hate you sometimes, Motorola.

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JanSt / MOD  Aug. 3, 2011 at 16:25

How is the Motorola Pro "indeed the only option"?
It's not as if most Blackberries are power-speccers. The Curves are decidedly midrange to budget... There are a few Androids in that pricerange with frontfacing Qwerties.
They are just not great overall. But strip a BB off its BBM and push email, and you got an also-ran device. No matter how powerful a non-RIM Qwerty - it won't have BIS/BES and BBM... So: why is the Pro the only option?

Any Android is no alternative or it is... A camouflage paintjob doesn't turn a Micra into a Humvee.


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