Motorola Gleam+ flip-phone reboot shows its face

Motorola Gleam+ flip-phone reboot shows its faceWanna party like it's 1999? Then you'll need a Motorola feature phone, and not just any Motorola feature phone – a clamshell feature phone.

Well, as luck might have it, that's exactly what Moto has for you right here. It's the Motorola Gleam+, a new low-cost blower for those who like their tech learning curve to be decidedly on the gentle side.

Now if you know anything about mobile phone naming conventions, you'll already have deduced that the “+” in the Gleam+'s name means it's in fact a follow-up (it was either a + or an S), with the original Gleam having arrived on the scene 12 months ago.

So what does the reboot bring to the table a year later? It's a shade slimmer for a start, and the display goes from a 2.4in 240 x 320 panel to a 2.8in 240 x 400 effort.

As before there's an external LED display on the outside for displaying notifications of incoming calls, text messages and the like.

Otherwise there's not much to talk about here, except that the larger screen size has seen talktime drop from 6h 20min to 4h 50min.

The Gleam+ is set to go on sale in Germany next month for €99, with other markets to follow. That seems a bit steep to us – you're just about in entry-level smartphone territory at that price, and the original Gleam was going for just £50 on PAYG when we wrote about it last year.

Via Unwired View

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