Motorola Gleam lands at Carphone Warehouse

Motorola Gleam lands at Carphone WarehouseAs we nerds strut around with our ultra-expensive iPhones and HTC Desires and what have you, it’s easy to forget that’s there’s still a huge market for dumphones.

The old-school Motorola Gleam is aimed squarely at said market. The US manufacturer describes the Gleam as “an affordable, slim and stylish flipphone… [with] expressive LED lighting.” Er, Motorola RAZR, anyone?

The Motorola Gleam is available now from Carphone Warehouse. It’s £49.95 on Orange PAYG, with an obligatory £10 top-up.

For your £50, you get a 2.4in QVGA display, 2MP camera, FM radio and mp3 player. Oh, and 5p change. The exterior LED has animated illuminations for notifications, and can even display the word “hello”. Fancy.

There’s something oddly ominous about the Motorola Gleam. You’d think Motorola would be keen to forget the dark days of the RAZR and seemingly endless re-releases of the same phone, but we’re sure they’ve learned their lesson. Hopefully.

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