Motorola and HTC sued over Xoom and ChaCha

Motorola and HTC sued over Xoom and ChaChaThe Motorola Xoom, which just launched yesterday Stateside, and the HTC ChaCha, one of them Facebook phones, have landed their respective manufacturers in hot legal water.

Motorola’s Xoom tablet has upset the Xoom Corporation, providers of an online payment service. The trademark suit was filed the day before the launch of the Xoom, but big-balled Motorola went ahead with the release anyway.

The Xoom Corporation reportedly wants Motorola to change the name of its tablet. It’s not clear if they’ll have much of a case, since it’s highly unlikely that consumers will confuse a tablet with a money-transfer service. Having said that, I’m no legal type guy.

For a rather thorough dissection of the Xoom Corporation’s suit, head over to the Foss Patents blog.

The claim against HTC, on the other hand, seems to hold more weight. ChaCha, the Questions and Answers people, are understandably upset about the HTC ChaCha, unveiled at Mobile World Congress last week.

ChaCha’s Q&A service is available online, and in app form for iOS, BlackBerry and – here’s where ChaCha gets confusing – Android. Oops.

The HTC ChaCha is scheduled for a Q2 launch. Will ChaCha run on the ChaCha? Yes. Yes it will.

In the meantime, we’ll be keeping an eye out for Motorola and HTC on Judge Judy.

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