Motorola and Intel enter “multi-device strategic relationship”

Motorola and Intel enter “multi-device strategic relationship”We mentioned that US manufacturer Motorola would be embracing Intel-powered smartphones yesterday, in our article about the very first Intel smartphone – the Lenovo K800.

Now we’ve gotten our hands on a Moto press release, which is full of juicy quotes and ridiculous jargon such as: “multi-year, multi-device strategic relationship” and “converged mobile device portfolio”.

We had expected LG and possibly Samsung to pop up alongside Intel at CES 2012, but Lenovo was the only manufacturer to reveal any hardware, while Motorola was simply mentioned as a partner.

The Lenovo K800 will be released in China first, and there’s always the possibility that Motorola – if it’s quick – will actually churn out the first Intel-based smartphone for western consumers.

"When great silicon and software technology meets great mobile and design innovation, amazing things can happen," yelled Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini. "Our long-term relationship with Motorola Mobility will help accelerate Intel architecture into new mobile market segments.

“We expect the combination of our companies to break new ground and bring the very best of computing capabilities to smartphones and tablets, which in turn will help to create powerful new experiences that connect and enrich people's lives wherever they may be."

And what does Motorola Chairman and CEO, Sanjay Jha, have to say? "We are delighted to be partnering with Intel to deliver smartphones and tablets based on Intel's Atom processor to consumers and businesses.

"Though there are 5 billion mobile subscribers in the world, less than 800 million are using a smartphone today. With Android as the leading smartphone OS globally and advancements in computing technology we see tremendous opportunity for the converged devices market."

Might we see Motorola-Intel action at Mobile World Congress 2012? Stranger things have happened.

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