Motorola launches Atrix Smartphone powerhouse

Motorola launches Atrix Smartphone powerhouse

There are few things I hate more than unnecessary marketing-speak. Take Motorola's new Atrix, for example – or if you prefer “the world's most powerful smartphone”.

Here's a phone that only launches in mid-year, by which point I'm quite sure it won't be the world's most powerful smartphone. By year end it won't even be the most powerful smartphone made by Motorola. But the marketing types need to have their say. It's a shame really, as it's distracted me from getting to the point, which is that the Atrix is, in fact, a very very powerful smartphone.

The 1GHz processor might not raise an eyebrow these days, but the fact that it's dual-core should raise two, especially when that's coupled with 1GB of RAM. I've had perfectly decent PCs with less power, and not a lifetime ago either.

Motorola has also clearly been paying attention to Apple and Samsung's marketing bods too, as to rival the Retina Display and Super AMOLED Plus it's pulled the name qHD out of the hat, which delivers a resolution of 960 x 540 from the 4in screen. It stands for “quarter HD” – I'll leave it to you to work out the maths.

But the Atrix does have its downsides. One is that it's only Android 2.2 Froyo calling the tune on the OS front – not so much an issue now, but likely to be a major one by mid-year. Then there's the curiously mediocre 5-megapixel camera – I'm not saying every new phone needs to be playing the megapixel game, but one claiming to be the world's most powerful surely should at least give it a go.

Motorola says the Atrix is geared up for 4G LTE networks in the States. No such luck for us in Blighty, of course, where Orange will be chaperoning the Atrix onto the plain old HSDPA stage a couple of months after its US debut in May.

As a regular remote worker one other thing about the Atrix that did catch my eye is the pair of docks that are set to launch alongside it. The HD Multimedia Dock adds three USB ports and an HDMI out port for connecting up to a keyboard, mouse and monitor – nice enough, but no big deal.

More intriguing, though, is the Webtop, a 11.6in laptop shell that seats the Atrix on the hinge and lets it play laptop just like magic. Mobile workers rejoice – no separate data deals for using your laptop on the go, plus we're one step closer to getting rid of that awful word “dongle” once and for all.

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