Motorola will keep making high-end phones, give you ‘something to aspire to’

Motorola will keep making high-end phones, give you ‘something to aspire to’With Motorola finding a surprising amount of success with the wallet-friendly Moto G, many of you might’ve feared (ahem) that we might never see another phone along the lines of the more expensive Moto X.

But thank the good lord above, a guy at Motorola suggests low-end success couldn’t happen without a counterbalance at the high-end.

That’s the good word over on TechRadar, which posts an exclusive interview with software chief Steve Horowitz.

Steve whispers: "I can tell you obviously without talking about our future products that there is always an element of appeal to a consumer at a lower tier to have something aspirational at a higher tier.”

"So we found that if we had just shipped Moto G on its own it probably wouldn't have been as successful.

"You need an aspirational thing so that people get into the franchise and get some of the benefits of the Moto X by buying a Moto G.

"So we'll always want to push the limits on the high-end innovation because it's important for consumers to have something to aspire to at the upper tiers."

To be fair, Steve, I doubt many people were buying a Moto G and secretly thinking: ‘Aww man, I really wish I could afford a Moto X.’ Hell, the Moto X wasn’t even out here when the Moto G first went on sale!

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matt101101 / MOD  Mar. 18, 2014 at 10:13

Thanks for this, I needed a good Tuesday morning laugh :D.


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