Motorola Moto X coming with customisable design after all?

Motorola Moto X coming with customisable design after all?One of the first rumours we heard about the Motorola Moto X – and haven't heard any more about since – was that it would feature some kind of hardware customisation options.

Well it turns out those initial rumours might be spot on after all, as an ad appearing in several US papers has teased the Moto X as “the first smartphone you can design yourself”.

OK, so it's unlikely to be the multiple choice components some were predicting, as the emphasis on the word “design” plus the 12-colour circle surrounding the new Motorola logo suggests your customisation options may only extend as far as a choice of a dozen colours, but it's better than nothing.

And who knows – maybe there are more options you can personalise.

What will be a big part of the new-look Motorola's image, it seems, is some serious pro-US patriotism. Having boasted a while back that the Moto X will be the first smartphone manufactured fully in the USA, today's newspaper ad rolls out the national stereotypes even further.

Being the day before July 4, the opening paragraph heads straight for the national stereotypes of burgers, fireworks and good ole' freedom – seemingly unconcerned by whether anyone actually still enjoys them or not.

The rest of the ad carries on in much the same vein – understandable given the mainstream US readership perhaps, but devoid of anything approaching actual substance once you get down to it.

The moment of truth as far as we're concerned will be when the Moto X is actually announced, which should be on August 1. We've got no problem with Motorola using national patriotism as a marketing tactic in the US, but won't be so impressed if it means the rest of us are kept waiting for ages for its new wave of smartphones to appear.

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