Could the Motorola Moto X be launching as soon as next week?

Could the Motorola Moto X be launching as soon as next week?The Motorola Moto X has already been semi-announced, but we're still waiting on the official launch of the first fully realised Moto smartphone since Google's big-money takeover.

The smart money so far has pointed to August 1 for the Moto X's grand unveil, but the latest suggestion is that it could be happening as soon as next week.

Word emerging via Phone Arena is that several “select tech journalists” in the US have been invited by Motorola's Guy Kawasaki to an event at Motorola HQ on July 10 and 11 – that's next Wednesday and Thursday.

That sits nicely with other murmours that suggested the two people jumping into a lake in the Moto X newspaper ad this week vaguely spelled out the roman numeral XI – as in eleven.

Makes a fair bit of sense if you ask us, and the level of exposure Motorola's giving the Moto X right now suggests work on the handset is pretty much done, so there's little point in waiting – especially given the wait we've already had to endure on something to emerge from Google-owned Moto.

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