Motorola Moto G outed briefly on the web

Motorola Moto G outed briefly on the webThe UK continues to enjoy Motorola's new era from a distance, with still no sign of the newly Google-owned Moto acknowledging anyone living outside the US.

We're hoping the rumoured Moto G will change that, so there was a fair bit of excitement when the Moto X follow-up appeared front and centre on Motorola's website yesterday.

It appears it was all a mistake, however, as all trace of the Moto G was quickly removed. But it all but confirms that the Moto G is both real and close to launching, so what are we expecting?

It seems there's a good chance the G will be a downmarket alternative to the Moto X, the all-American hero introduced in a wide array of colours a couple of months ago.

Such a device appeared at the FCC last month, though it was referred to as the Moto DVX, but if they are one and the same, we're expecting the front-facing camera and sensor layout seen on the Moto X to swap places with the speaker grille and camera arrangement on the back.

Just what the significance is of this switcharound remains to be seen, as does the list of other specs on the Moto X that have been compromised on or omitted on its cheaper cousin.

In truth there's nothing at this stage confirming that the Moto G will be any more of an international release than the Moto X – the website appearance was solely on Moto's US site, after all.

But Motorola has promised we'll be seeing a line of new-generation smartphones internationally at some stage, so let's hope the Moto G will be the first of that new breed.

Via Droid Life

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