Motorola says Moto X won't be partying with Guy Kawasaki and friends this week

Motorola says Moto X won't be partying with Guy Kawasaki and friends this weekIt's time to talk about the Motorola Moto X (again) – the handset that will officially kick-start Moto's brave new era under Google's ownership.

And while there are still a good many question marks surrounding the Moto X, what we can now confirm is it won't be getting a sneak preview at a press event in the US this week.

Until last week, signs were pointing to both the Moto X and the new-look Motorola itself being officially unveiled early next month.

But combine the fact that Motorola exec Kuy Kawasaki (formerly of Apple) had invited a bunch of journos to a shindig on Thursday, July 11, with the fact that the crazy kids jumping into the water in the recent Moto X teaser ad vaguely spell “XI”, and you've got the recipe for some A-grade rumour-mongering.

Tech journo Leo Laporte got the speculation going by revealing news of Thursday's event, to which 50 US tech writers have been invited, but Motorola itself has cleared things up and revealed the Moto X won't be joining them.

The shindig is no more than a get-together for Kawasaki's buddies in the press, and there won't be any official announcements or anything like that to speak of.

That's the end of that, then.

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JanSt / MOD  Jul. 9, 2013 at 16:38

Kuy? Hahaha



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