Motorola Nexus outed in leaked internal document

Motorola Nexus outed in leaked internal documentJeez, Nexus rumours are all the rage these days, huh? Recently we’ve had LG Nexus misinformation (followed by the Carphone Warehouse leak), and a faked Sony Nexus X.

The latest Nexus rumours detail – or rather mention by name – something called the Motorola Nexus. Is Google-owned Motorola about to get some much-needed Nexus lovin'?

The leaked “datasheet” has been passed to Droid Forums, though they’re keen to stress that the info is “completely unconfirmed” and of course “could be fabricated”.

Essentially we’re looking at the timeline for Motorola Key Lime Pie updates, which includes existing devices such as the Droid Razr Maxx (late Q2 2013, if at all) and Motorola Razr i (Q3-Q4 2013).

The strange/suspicious thing here is that Key Lime Pie is referred to as Android 4.2.2. We’re expecting to meet Android 4.2 on Monday, however it’s tipped to retain the Jelly Bean moniker. Hmm.

At the very top of the list we have two unannounced phones, namely the Droid Razr X, and the Motorola Nexus. No specs or indeed any further detail to go on at the moment, I’m afraid (other than being shipped with Key Lime Pie).

Meh, pass the salt. Having said that, Google is tipped to unveil as many as five new Nexus devices on Monday. Never say never...

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JanSt / MOD  Oct. 25, 2012 at 15:52

If it stops OEMs from using idiotic bloated skins and UI overlays, be my guest.


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