Motorola wants in on the patent war action

Motorola wants in on the patent war actionWe have to admit: when we heard Google complaining the other day that its rivals were deliberately trying to saddle it down with legal red tape and patent disputes, we weren't overly sympathetic.

But the reality could in fact be even worse that that, as not only is Google facing a barrage of legal disputes from the likes of Apple and Microsoft, it seems Android phone makers are even targeting each other for some patent licensing fun.

Hardly a day goes by at the moment without details emerging of yet another legal spat over the thousands of mobile patents held by the major mobile players. Typically, these infringements are settled with a royalty agreement between the two parties that effectively sees the patented technology licensed for a small fee from each handset sold.

But with so many such agreements zinging around at the moment, things are becoming increasingly messy. And it could be about to get even worse – well, for Android anyway.

Motorola boss Sanjay Jha has openly admitted the company plans to join in the IP licensing fun, using its strong arsenal of patents to strike up licensing agreements with other manufacturers. The problem is, he doesn't mean the likes of Apple or Nokia, he means other Android manufacturers.

Of course there is an element here of 'if you can't beat them join them', but we can't help but thinking nothing good will come of this.

So we take it back, Google: you do have a point after all. But it seems the danger might be closer to home than you first thought.

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