Motorola Razr HD now available in the UK

Motorola Razr HD now available in the UKMotorola has decided to launch its high-end Razr HD in the UK, with your favourite online retailer currently all set to dispatch your very own Jelly Bean-fuelled Kevlar crusader as we speak.

That's a speedy turnaround, until you realise the Razr HD was actually announced over in the US nearly six months ago, and has been available there for months already.

Still, it's new for us so we'll act impressed. Mainly because to be fair the Razr HD is in fact quite impressive.

It comes with a 4.7in Super AMOLED HD display, the aforementioned Kevlar shell (under mm thick), a dual-core 1.5GHz processor, an 8MP full HD-capable camera, 16GB of internal storage, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, a thumping 2,350mAh battery promising 24 hours of battery life, plus 4G capabilities.

In essence, then, it's kind of like a 4G-capable Motorola Razr i without the Intel interior.

It seems a fairly daft time to unleash a months-old device on the local market for the first time, with everyone focused on MWC and all that. That said, we're not expecting too much Moto-related news from Barcelona and the 4G angle should come into play when the local 4G airwaves open up to all in the next few months.

We'll hand over to Motorola UK general manager Andrew Morley, who's peppered a press release with cliché, truism and good old fashioned marketing sauce in equal measure:

“As our lives get busier, we need a handset that can keep up with the pace and with that in mind, the Motorola Razr HD was born, a smartphone that’s always ready to go, whenever you need it.

“This doesn’t mean we should compromise on quality, as alongside this high-performance battery comes a 4.7-inch RAZR sharp HD screen, impossibly thin design and faster surfing of the net through 4G capabilities – all the features we know are critical for consumers.”

Can't add much to that. So far the networks haven't bit, but expect the Motorola Razr HD to find its way onto their list of 4G options once they've got all the details worked out. In the meantime, it'll set you back around £400 SIM-free.

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Pondlife  Feb. 22, 2013 at 14:58

In essence, then, it's kind of like a 4G-capable Motorola Razr i without the Intel interior.

And with rather different screen size...

Pricing seems a touch optimistic


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