Motorola readying new high-powered Kore? Blimey!

Motorola readying new high-powered Kore? Blimey!

We'll say right at the start that we're in full-blown rumour territory here, but it's Saturday, so why night, eh?

The part that isn't rumour is that Motorola has purchased and registered a whole whack of domains involving the names “Motorola” and “Kore”. What that means, though, is a matter of pure speculation.

Fortunately, the world of tech journalism isn't afraid of a wee bit of speculation, and TechCrunch has really pushed the boat out in suggesting the Kore is most likely a next-gen tablet to replace the Xoom.

The logic to us actually seems quite sound: Moto had to rush to get the Honeycomb-debuting Xoom out the door, and did so quite a while back now (well, in the US anyway). And in doing so, it made a few marketing mistakes by its own admission. So clearly it'll want to do a few things differently for its next slate – like buying a few web domains in advance.

Throw in comments from Moto boss Sanjay Jha last week that the company is looking to launch a pair of 4G tablets and another 4G smartphone anytime soon.

Put all that together and it's a fair amount of speculation, but for us it all adds up fairly well. Plus, given the name “Kore”, is it too much to ask that we're talking a quad-core processor inside, too?

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