Motorola Shamu: Google Nexus 6 contender benchmarked

Motorola Shamu: Google Nexus 6 contender benchmarkedThe general consensus is that LG won’t be following up its Google Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 with a Nexus 6, with Communications Director Ken Hong holding his hands up and shrugging back in June.

At one point the very idea of a Google Nexus 6 was almost written off entirely, but the concept was recently resurrected with a brand new contender, the Motorola Shamu, and here we’re seeing it benchmarked.

Nexus devices typically have fishy codenames, but Shamu in particular, Shamu being a killer whale, suggests we’re dealing with a pretty big phone, possibly with killer (get it?) specs.

The initial Motorola Shamu/Google Nexus 6 rumour from late July certainly suggested we could be looking at a mighty 5.9in display, so that just leaves the internals.

Enter: GFXBench! Er, for what it’s worth. See, the Motorola Shamu/Google Nexus 6 benchmark doesn’t reveal anything too specific, instead vaguely hinting at a phone with a graphical performance in the ballpark of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801/1080p combo. Maybe.

Assuming this thing is real, it'd be an interesting turn of events, Google having recently sold Motorola to Chinese manufacturer Lenovo. Again if real, the Motorola/Google smartphone will likely debut in October alongside Android L and the HTC-built Google Nexus 8/9 tablet.

In the meantime, expect many a Motorola Shamu/Google Nexus 6 leak.

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