Motorola Shamu/Google Nexus 6 specs: 5.2in QHD, Snapdragon 805, 3GB RAM?

Motorola Shamu/Google Nexus 6 specs: 5.2in QHD, Snapdragon 805, 3GB RAM?Just yesterday I was scribbling about the Motorola Shamu slash Google Nexus 6, though there wasn’t a great deal of rumour meat to digest.

Courtesy of yet another benchmark, we’re seeing a significantly more comprehensive list of Motorola Shamu/Google Nexus 6 specs, and it sounds like an absolute BEAST.

Before we get too excited, let’s all take a moment to do a few lines of salt. See, this latest Motorola Shamu/Google Nexus 6 spec rumour flies in the face of pretty much everything else we’ve heard to date.

In recent weeks, we’ve been told to expect a big 5.9in whale of a display, with a 1080p resolution and Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor. Not quite top-of-the-range specs, but then Nexus phones have always been fairly sensible.

As such, AnTuTu benchmark results for the “Google shamu” make for frankly questionable reading.

Supposedly – supposedly – Motorola Shamu/Google Nexus 6 specs include a 5.2in QHD display (2560 x 1440), Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor, Adreno 420 GPU, 13MP/2.1MP cameras, 3GB of RAM, and of course Android L.

Truly, it doesn’t get much more top-of-the-range than that, which leaves us wondering if this isn’t someone’s wet dream rather than a realistic snapshot.

Having said that, the previous rumours were slightly fishy too. Surely 5.9in is a little on the big side, and there was mention, too, of a fingerprint scanner. Really?

Cripes, we don’t know what to believe now, though HTC’s Google Nexus 8/9 tablet is tipped to be a low-volume, premium beast; perhaps the Google Nexus 6 will match that promise.

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